EList: What NOT To Wear On The 4th of July *

Loving the American pride this week! Keep that strong, but before you step out on the 4th at your family picnic, let’s discount double check that outfit!


#7. DO NOT wear a toga made out of a flag *respect the Stars and Stripes *

#6. Don’t wear black… or wear it. Freedom in America baby!

#5. Just because you’re American or “Merican and we’re a FREE country doesn’t mean you can free the tatas! Keep your clothes on. (In public)

#4. The only weiners and buns we wanna see out are the ones on the grill! That goes for all meat.

#3. Do not wear another country’s emblem UNLESS you were born there and/or it’s your heritage… I mean we’re a buncha mutts 😉 You’re American though wear your colors with pride!

#2. Do not wear weird male thong things, ie: banana hammocks, regardless if they are American flag themed.

#1. Just because it is red, white, and blue, or has an American flag on it, does not mean you should necessarily wear it… but if you wear it, ROCK IT!

Free country, you wear what YOU WANT! 😉 Just wear something. My favorite for the 4th happens to be the Old Navy flag tee err bikini! @ElistaB

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