The puppet version of Ed Sheeran has been a bad, bad boy.

That fictionalized doppleganger of Sheeran gets up to some bad stuff in his “Sing” video as it is, but in an interview with Mix 104.1/Boston (a station) Sheeran revealed he originally got into even more R-rated situations.

“Unless you’re into heavy, heavy drugs and strippers, you don’t want to hang out with him,” Sheeran said of his puppet double.

“We cut that out of the video,” Sheeran continued. “The director went off on one [cut] and the original video is just [the puppet] in a strip club doing coke off strippers. And we’re looking at the director being like, ‘You know this is meant for TV, right?’ You don’t really want to hang out with him.”

Although the puppet is modeled on Sheeran, apparently some people didn’t see it. Sheeran’s been hearing he looks like a different British singer.

“People say he looks like Chris Martin [of Coldplay] though. Chris Martin is sober. So that wouldn’t work,” Sheeran deadpanned.



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