WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh’s Joe Manganiello Has A New Celebrity Girlfriend

Well, look at that!

People Magazine names Pittsburgh’s own Joe Manganiello ‘Hottest Bachelor’ and in one week, he is off the market!

Joe has been seen out and about in New Orleans with the gorgeous Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family). This match doesn’t surprise me one bit. In his interview with People Magazine, he alludes to wanting a hot, spicy girl and that Sofia would be the perfect fit.

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Did that statement spark this fling?! Nope! They have been chatting it up since they met at the White House Correspondence Dinner in May and exchanged numbers.

Supposedly, they are very early on in their relationship and taking things slow. Sofia just got out of 2-year engagement a little over 2 months ago but their is a HUGE ‘mutual attraction’.

OK! We get it! You’re both beautiful and talented. Now go make flawless babies & let’s call it a day. What do you think about the pair?! -@KelOnAir

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