Happy Nude DAY! It’s getting hot out there so take off all your clothes…

Well before you do…

E-LIST: *Top Places To Be Nude & Get Away With it

#7. On some beaches! SOME BEACH! Not that one…

#6. In a Spa… getting a massage 😉 Just be careful which one you go to! You might get more than expected!

#5. In a store! Well let’s specify in the dressing room… trying on clothes.

#4. In a tanning salon! Take it all off you don’t want tan lines!

#3. In a port-a-John! Come on you can’t tell me you haven’t been so hot that you needed to just take it all off in there?! Or whatever you’re doing in there…

#2. In your hot tub/your pool! TOO HOT FOR THE HOT TUB!

#1. In your house! YEAH BABY! Naked room. Look out Terry Bradshaw.

Good thing me and my roommates are on opposite shifts. (.)(.)
~ @Elistab #LetsGetNude


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