Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Gina’s Family From Gibsonia

Well, here is a start to the pictures of Gina and her family on vacation.  The family is traveling (and already there) to Myrtle Beach.  Listen weekdays this week in the 8am hour for Gina’s family update!!


Here are Gina’s words….



In a car that smelled, and didn’t have air conditioner until my husband charged it. Apparently the car needs to be in MOTION for the air to work. Seriously?

Then we lost the ez pass, well we thought we did. Searched for 25 minutes. Hubby put it in a top secret compartment in the car. We got in the car at 11. Pulled out at 1145. Yes. 45 minutes to get everyone in, rearrange the luggage and find the ezpass (which didn’t work anyway)

Gina's phone

Gina’s phone


8am and all is well….sorta.
Just ate at biscuitville and we r back on the road. Here’s a selfie….I think the stuff in the car grew while we had breakfast!!!

Gina 8am


Their amazing view..


Their View

Her kiddos enjoying the beach!


The kiddos!


Dinner at Hamburger Joes..


Dinner at Hamburger Joes

Their day at the beach…someone is asleep!

 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia

family pic


Sunday night family pic..


Gina family pic

Gotta love the beach…Nice!

 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia

Great condo for the week!

Condo shot

What a cool picture. Mom and daughter flip flops on the beach! Great idea!

Flip flops

And the beautiful daughters!

daughter pic

So they fought the entire time as they made these.. Then the water hit the older one and she screamed so loud that people thought she was being beaten! Oh if you didn’t guess she’s slightly dramatic 😉
Girls sand
Girls Sand 2
Here is Gina’s Uncle Dom golfing..
Uncle Dom
Aunt Patti getting knocked over by the waves (did I mention that she’s NOT a beach person)
Aunt Patti
So it was drizzling and overcast, so we decided to drink and let the kids do pool games 🙂
Pool Games
Currently in a hot tub with 8 other people. It’s literally human soup. The temp of the water is 102. Yes degrees .  No, Not Celsius.
Ugh. This is my current view.
Hot Tub
Foggy day so far. It’s 73 and a little windy (long sleeves on) It is Tuesday morning!
foggy tuesday
Trying to catch sand crabs on Tuesday!
Sand Crabbing
View From Room
View from their room
Lunch Time
Time to eat at the resort!
Gina and Coconut Buddy Frank Drink Cup
Gina drinking with her coconut Buddy FRANK…best drink cup ever she said!
Gina Drinking
Look..Gina drinking more…HA!
Gina and Her Man Selfie
Gina and her hubby SELFIE!
Villa Romana Italian Restaurant. Chef/owner came out, we got cannolis and his fresh home made lemonchello. There was an accordian player, and the wait staff was awesome. Highly recommend this place!!
Dinner 2
What happens on vacation…Gina said this is her 2nd time this week doing laundry on vaco!
 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia
Great beach shot Wednesday!!
morning beach shot
high tides
Really high tides for this time of day. Usually there are pockets of water creating natural “pools”. We met a family who searches for shark teeth this morning. The older one now wants to find some….I told her to have a contest with her sister. Haha. Mom of the year!!!
// // //

Taking it “easy” today here at the beach. It’s blue skies and white fluffy clouds! Absolutely beautiful perfect day at the beach…except I’m CRISPY! so SPF 50 it is, and I MIGHT have to head under the umbrella (Ella Ella Ella Ella) like Doug is. He’s sad cuz I shipped his clubs back home with my Aunt and Uncle lol.
doug under umbrella
ginas legs
land shark
So already the kids are on punishment for being bad for my MIL while we went grocery shopping. So Doug took them to the room so I can have some alone time. Ahhhhhh. This is what I came for…. I have the best husband ever!
// // //

So yes, we got jersey Mikes in Myrtle cuz they are just that good. Weird 2 minute rain cloud and now I got my toes in the water…..you got the idea
toes in sand
Gina sent me this one too…It is Melanie typing here..One of my FAV pics so far…BOOGIE BOARDS and kids in the ocean…what summer vacations for a lot are all about right?  Getting smacked up and flipped over by waves…
boogie boards
We decided to try to go to the “boardwalk” tonight. Raining, no air conditioner in the car. Yup. Great start…
 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia
 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia
Boardwalk silliness!  Love it!
doug boardwalk
gina boardwalk
The only time these 2 get along….
girls asleep
Great beach pic!
beautiful beach pic
 Beach fun Thursday!
fun times on the beach
Maddie fell asleep on the beach. 90 out there today….
maddie asleep
Momma and kiddo selfies!
car momma and kid selfie
Called to get a reservation earlier and magic the manager Ray at the Boundry House in NC got us a table. Thank goodness because they were BOOKED SOLID!  We had a delicious meal!
 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia
 Bubba Show Virtual Family Vacation.. Ginas Family From Gibsonia
family pic


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