By Kelly

This CRACKED ME UP. However, I doubt said wife had the same reaction.

One certain husband was pretty fed up with getting denied sex by his wife so he decided to do what anyone would (ya right)– put it into a word document and sent it to her email without any prior discussion.

We call this ‘selective attention’. He didn’t mention anywhere in the spreadsheet how many times she probably asked him to vacuum the house or mow the grass and he said no! OF COURSE NOT!

I hope these 2 can resolve whatever differences they are having in the bedroom or at least spice it up. A woman’s free time is very precious, if the lovin’s not good– it’s not worth it. 😉

P.S. I can TOTALLY relate to the reason ‘I’m too drunk and I ate too much.’ I am pretty sure that was an excuse I used 4 years straight at Penn State. WHOOPSIE! -@KelOnAir


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