WEBTASTIC: 4-Year Old Banned From Doughnut Shop For Asking Woman If She Was Pregnant! (VIDEO)

I think this is a littttle bit of an overreaction but then again, I’m not the woman he asked!

A little boy was visting a local doughnut shop in Monroe, Connecticut when he turned to the woman next to him and asked if there was a ‘baby in her belly’.

The NOT PREGNANT (just wanted to clarify that) woman came back and said ‘no’, the mother quickly apologized and was reportedly mortified (as she should have been), and both women moved on with their days.

When they thought the situation was all said and done, the mother and son came in the next morning, management told them both to leave because the little boy was ‘rude’.

COME ON GUYS! Loosen up. Kids don’t know the difference! You can’t punish a 4-year old for something he said– he didn’t mean any harm, was just curious. Do you think this deserved THAT kind of repercussion? Let me know on Twitter @KelOnAir!


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