If you’re dating in Pittsburgh you’ve probably been out with one of these guys according to Newscastic.

Here are the three men!

“The Frat Guy Turned Lawyer”

“The Hipster With Little Responsibility”

“The Older, More Sophisticated Normal Guy”

I don’t “date” a lot but these are pretty typical Pittsburgh stereotypes.

I’ve ran into more of these types…

“Yinzer Who Hits On You At The Bar” … then proceeds to text you a million times and doesn’t get the hint when you DON’T respond.

“The Let’s Get Drinks and Bang guy” … let’s…. or not.

“The I bought You Pizza so we’re married dude” …no we’re not. And no I’m not accepting your friendship on FB.

“Guy Who Takes You To The Ballgame then don’t hear from for weeks” … we had fun sorry you can’t drink as much as me.

“Guy Who has a girlfriend but needs to talk to every girl in Pittsburgh.” We’re not stupid.

“Former Pittsburgh athlete who got hurt and thinks girls should do everything for him”

I haven’t dated any of these guys 😉

Dating is overrated. ~ @ElistaB


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