When you go to the beach you expect to see a little more than at the mall, but one Grandma got quite the show!

45 minutes of a couple getting it on
! ON THE BEACH! No not the drink “sex on the beach” maybe they had a few before that made them think this was okay?!

This happened on Bradenton Beach… you know who plays in Bradenton!

So that’s illegal! The Florida couple ended up getting arrested. YIKES! Think it was worth it?! 😉

~ @ElistaB

Here are some other things we DO NOT want to see at the beach…

E-LIST: *THINGS You don’t want to see on the beach…

#7. Speedos! O NO!

#6. Nip slips. You’re gonna lose your top on the beach. That happens. Just wave!

#5. Leathery skin! LUBE UP!

#4. Old buns hanging out…

#3. Men’s half thong thing

#2. A shark. HELL NA!

#1. Someone using the sand like cats do a litter box…

Just leave the cats at home! Other THINGS you don’t want to see at the beach but you wanna see! 😉

Listener Heather saw this! YIKES!


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