WEBTASTIC: You Can Hire Your Own ‘Man Servant’! FINALLY! (VIDEO)

Well, if this isn’t just a dream come true, I’m not sure what is. 😉

A new startup company based in San Francisco called ManServants believes that every woman should have what she’s always wanted– pretty much a beautiful man that is a mix between a ‘butler, bodyguard, and cabana boy’ to cater to her every need. Couldn’t agree more ManServants! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?!

But the site stresses that this is not an escort service and everything these men do for the women is completely PG- like running errands, taking the dog for a walk, serving you a drink, etc.

The whole idea between the startup happened after a friend of the president’s said she didn’t want any male strippers at her bachelorette party because the experience is usually sleazy and awkward. But what she would RATHER have is a sexy man there in a tailored suit serving hors d’oeuvres and making small talk…which lead to the birth of MANSERVANTS!

I think this is a SUPER idea- for obvious reasons. Every woman wants to be fawned over and deserves to be! Now you can hire a man to do just that 😉 The startup launches in the Fall and if anyone wants to give this a go in a group setting, I’ll bring the wine 😉 -@KelOnAir

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