Sometimes you get what you deserve! WOW! Epic post on Reddit here! This man with a headache was in line and simply wanted it to go away. Then this kid and careless mother shows up. The line is long, she’s loudly obnoxious on the phone while the kid is screaming his head off “I want a —–ing pie!” YIKES! A headache’s worst nightmare.

After the man nicely asks the woman to calm the child down she freaks out on him telling him he can’t tell her how to raise her son blah blah blah!


So what does the guy do but get to the front of the line and order all of the pies!!!!!!

Standing in line with a headache. $10 ( Tylenol) Value Meal & 23 pies $30 Ticking off the Mom for not calming her bratty child, priceless.

Payback is sweeter than a slice of pie!

Do you agree with what this guy did or were his actions childish?!
~ @ElistaB


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