Growing up I looooved going to the public pool. Sure the neighborhood and friends have pools but your local water hole is unique.

By chance I happened to drive through my hood a few weeks ago and noticed there was one of these local cool spots not too far from mi casa so today was the day I went for a dip. Here is what I found out, ALL OF THE KIDS ARE THERE!!! Almost forgot about that.

E-LIST: Things kids do at a public pool…

#7. kids run. so much for the “no running rule” they do NOT listen to that.

#6. kids scream. Sure they do this everywhere but at the pool it’s on a whole other level… echoed by the water.

How can you tell if they’re drowning? they’re quiet! Trust me the pool is anything BUT quiet!

#5. kids lay their towel out right next to you. they don’t care if you’re a stranger. this is good but potentially bad. Cool they talk to anybody and are friendly but that’s only cause cause I’m not gonna steal them hell no!

#4. the pool plays the radio ( which is AWESOME!) but kids have two volumes: loud and louder… turn the music up! Best form of birth control ever.

#3. kids run by you soaking wet, so you get a free shower

#2. kids must do everything together like girls going to the bathroom except this includes jumping in synch! This will cause a tidal wave. Yes 50 lb little girls can create this. (Depending on the amount of snacks they just inhaled) which will cause you to feel the splash’s affect. My advice… stay back!

#1. Kids swim all damn day! SO plan on being there and if you don’t have kids bring earplugs.

The next time you decide to hit your local pool remember that.

Not sure how my teacher sis does it! She is a manager of a local pool and the girl must have A TON of patience for this. Not to mention the time she saved a baby’s life. She’s pretty much my hero. ~ @ElistaB


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