By Kelly

Well, this certainly through a curveball in my childhood. WHY LIFETIME, WHY?!

The network just released the first teaser footage of the new ‘Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story’ movie they are putting together. I am thoroughly shocked yet intrigued. I had heard rumors that the cast wasn’t so fond of each other but this is just game changing.

The network released a statement saying “Lifetime takes a nostalgic look back at the ‘90s TV show that changed the landscape of Saturday mornings with America’s favorite teens. “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” delves into the experiences of six unknown young actors placed into the Hollywood spotlight, exposing the challenges of growing up under public scrutiny while trying to maintain the squeaky clean image of their popular characters both on and off-screen.”

I wonder if Lisa Turtle hates Screech in this one? Or if Mario Lopez’ biceps are just as delicious as they were in the 90’s? Or if Kelly Kapowski still never wears a FULL shirt only cropped ones?

Only time will tell. The ‘Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story’ premieres on Lifetime on Monday, September 1st at 9 p.m. -@KelOnAir



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