You Need To Go To FunSlides Carpet Skate Park!

Have you tried it yet?  Come on!  You have NO idea what you are missing.  FunSlides Carpet Skate Park has two locations.  One in Greensburg and the new location in the North Hills.

We have told you about having great birthday parties there or just hanging out on a rainy day or if you are bored, but have you thought about taking your group there?  How about your scout group, field trip or youth groups?  It is a PERFECT place to go for fun!

Take  a look at their great website here.

FunSlides Carpet Skate Park and skating is so cool.  They are cool skates that strap on over your athletic shoes that allow you to slide on the carpet.

This isn’t your normal boring birthday party place or boring place to hang out with the your family and friends.  ANYONE ages 4 and older can do it!

I’m very excited to have my daughter’s 5th birthday party there this October.  What a unique party it will be!

If you don’t want to try skating you can sit in their lounge area and watch too!

If you mention my name (Melanie) you can get two dollars off per person on your admission!

You have to check them out!  Spread the word.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Give them a try and then email me how much you liked it there at


Have fun!



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