By Kelly

Times like this, I am SO GLAD cell phones were a hot commodity when I was growing up. The way I knew to come home at night? The street lights came on. Not an app– ok, I’m done…and I feel ancient. MOVING ON….

A mom from Texas invented an app that will prohibit a kid from ignoring a text/call from a parent. In fact, the app shuts the whole phone down via locking and only makes it accessible to call 911 or someone on the emergency contact list (which obviously would be a parent). They MUST call someone on that approved list to get the password to unlock their phone or that screen is staying black.

That means no gaming, texting, or doing anything else if your trying to ignore Mom or Dad. How are your buds supposed to know what your eating if you can’t Instagram? Or know where you are if you can’t check in on Facebook?! OH THE PAIN!!!

Just kidding– this idea is kind of ingenious and I hope it serves the purpose that the mother who developed it though it would. I agree that kids shouldn’t ignore their parents, they shouldn’t ignore anyone, it’s rude. However, this seems a little overbearing to me. If your kid is ignoring you, take the phone away! Most likely you’re paying for it so you have that ability.

Trust your kiddos to do the right thing! Most of the time, they will. What do you think– good or bad idea? -@KelOnAir



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