Dirty On The 30: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The NY Post claims Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are splitting that she’s hired security to keep him away from other women.  A source says, he hasn’t been staying at home and has been living out of hotels.  They’ve also been fighting a lot.


There are now rumors surrounding Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez’s marriage.  According to Star magazine, Halle and Oliver have allegedly been living apart for months.  A source says they don’t even talk to each other much and when they do, it’s just to talk about their son.

Why are Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez together again?  They were seen driving around in a BMW.  Word is he’s been trying to get her back.

Word is Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney may marry aboard a Virgin Galactic flight into space.  They want to make a pledge for life, and think the space flight is too big an opportunity to pass up.


George Clooney is writing his vows.  Word is, it’s not going to be a huge Hollywood wedding with Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock flying in to Italy for a week.  They want the wedding to be intimate with quiet but happy and fun dinners and lunches after they’ve said short, but meaningful, handwritten vows in front of their loved ones.

Julianne Hough has reportedly been offered a judging position on Dancing with the Stars.

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" - Photocall

Zoe Saldana finally acknowledged her pregnancy in a video accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.  The video shows her holding her baby bump while explaining that she accepts the challenge but needed to call in a substitute to carry it out in her place, who just happened to be her husband.

Matthew McConaughey is trying to bring back the fanny pack.  He was at a Houston Astros game over the weekend where he wore it and didn’t even care.

Lindsay Lohan At 'Weisses Fest 2014'

Will Lindsay Lohan EVER have good credit?  She wasn’t happy when her credit card was declined at 10ak in Southampton on Saturday night.  She was trying to pay the $2,500 bill for her table and bottles of vodka, when her card was rejected!  Some are also questioning her sobriety now too.  She was seen wobbling out of the restaurant that night.

Lionsgate Films is in talks to open a Hunger Games theme park.

Mark Wahlberg may star in Deepwater Horizon.  The movie is about the BP oil disaster that occurred in the Gulf in 2010.

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