WEBTASTIC: A ‘Full House’ Revival Is Happening! 90’s Kids Rejoice!!!

IT’S HAPPENING! Warner Brothers TV is making DREAMS COME TRUE!

A Full House revival is in the beginning stages with the majority of the original cast coming back to reprise their roles!

First off, we can ALL thank Uncle Jesse for the conversation even STARTING on this project. It is mainly because John Stamos owns a piece of the “Full House” pie, but I like to think it’s because he misses his 2 besties- Uncle Danny and Joey. The original executive producer and creator are both involved and Jeff Franklin (creator) is the one who will be penning the glorious reboot.

So we’re all wondering- WHO ELSE CAN WE EXPECT?! Well, it looks like D.J. & Stephanie Tanner are both attached to the project. Along with D.J.’s girl Kimmy and OBVIOUSLY Danny and Joey.

The names that are noticeably missing would be Aunt Becky and the Olsen twins. That’s ok– you win some, you lose some. The Olsen twins are weird & goth now-a-day, that would just ruin their characters.

And Aunt Becky’s absence only makes my dreams of marrying Uncle Jesse more of a reality.

SO WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE COMEBACK OF THE CENTURY?! *points to myself* THIS GIRL! Will you tune in? -@KelOnAir


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