BroBible put together the top names American women find…SEXY!

Liam and Noah are hot until they grow up then there is…

10. Christopher 9. Richard 8. David

Nice try guys but these made the cut…


#7. Matthew… that’s creepy cause it’s my bro’s name

#6. Andrew

#5. Antonio !!! ooooo…

#4. William… he’s a prince I get it.

#3. Harry … sorry I think the EXACT OPPOSITE! Sure Prince Harry is a sexy ginger but all I am thinking here is Harry Potter.

#2. George … this is an old man name.

#1. Mark … also the name of Kelly’s Dad, boyfriend, and boss!

Personally I think Adam, *cough cough Adam Levine* is one of the sexiest names out there! Vincent means strength (always a fan of that name) and Joe (Manganiello)! This list can’t be complete without “Jason” that’s the hot guy name from “Dream Phone” EVERYONE wanted Jason to call! I’ve always been a fan of weird names/nicknames!

What name do you find sexy?! Tweet me!!! >>
~ @ElistaB


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