By Kelly

I am going to preface this to the kids with DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO DO THIS. This woman fell of her rocker a LONG time ago and there is no picking her back up. *end rant*

I introduce to you Krystina Butel, 30-year old from Britain who had a caricature of herself done while she was on vacation at the age of 17 and has worked TIRELESSLY to look like it since then. She has actually said she was ‘jealous’ of the drawing when she received it and from that moment, never looked back.

Since she was 17, she has had 5 boob jobs, botox, lip injections, semi-permanent makeup, and she’s NOT DONE YET.

In the video above, Krystina describes the procedures that she still intends on going through including butt and lip implants (the butt has got to match the boobs- everybody knows that!), more Botox, and while she’s at it why NOT add another 4,000 CCs (her desired size) to her chest!

All in all, Krystina has spent OVER $150,000 on all of the procedures in order to enhance her look to resemble her caricature.

First of all, her eyebrows nauseate me. I know, weird thing to point out, but COME ON! If you are going to be completely fake, leave me ONE authentic thing.

It sickens me that any doctor would feed into these crazy requests– but this happens more and more in Britain than ever before, especially if you got the $$$ to back it up. I bet if I took a picture of my dog across the pond and wanted to be his twin, I would come out on all 4’s with a wet nose in no time! *shakes head* OH WELL! Leave it to the crazies of the world 🙂 -@KelOnAir


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