By Melanie Taylor

So, each Thursday Lingerie or Leave Him happens on Bubba Show. Bubba got an email ( from Missy saying she didn’t feel right about her man. She saw a necklace in the cup holder of their car that was NOT hers. So, she wondered what was happening.

Well, we called Chris with the number Missy gave us. We did NOT know the number was his work number and his LAW office here in Pittsburgh.

Some of the things said were this:
“Do you know you are calling me at my law office.”
“I’m on the radio really are you serious?”
“I always trusted you Chris since those emails and our issues, but now I found this necklace.”
“Missy you could have not approached me at work or called a radio station about this.”

Shelley’s statement at the end of the call today, may have summed it up best. UGH!

Listen here.


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