By Kelly

This is genius and I want these 2 girls to be my new best friends.

Two best friends got together and wrote this beautiful little diddy that depict being a single lady perfectly. Besides there being some serious talent musically here, I really love the honesty in the lyrics.

When I was single I had no problem sitting on my couch for days with a can of Pringles and a ‘Friends’ marathon. As I typed that, I missed the single life for a second, haha 😉 And there was a looonnggg string of time that I also forgot the last time I was kissed sober. That’s probably sad but it is the truth.

We have all gone through these things so if you are single, enjoy it! And the only reason you are is because you just haven’t found someone worthy of your perfection 😉

Now go grab a pizza, a bottle of wine, your best girl friends, and press play on the newest Ryan Gosling flick. He will NEVER let you down. -@KelOnAir


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