By Kelly

I’m jealous of this baby– this is what straight chillin’ looks like people!

This image was uploaded to Reddit (my favorite website to go for great pictures and even better commentary) and got 2 million views in 1 day!

I think it’s pretty deserving! Not every day do you see a baby give you the thumbs up on an ultrasound.

I hope this puts the parents to ease as to how their baby is doing AND this is only 1 baby of TWINS! I wonder if he/she’s brother/sister is maxin’ and relaxin’ like this one is. Let’s hope!

My friend’s baby put up her arms in the air looking like she saying ‘EVERYBODY SAY HEY! EVERYBODY SAY HO!’ and I didn’t think it could ever get better. I was wrong.

Congratulations to the parents and their future twins! I hope they are always this calm and chill for you 😉 -@KelOnAir


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