By Kelly

This is GENIUS!

Certified ginger, Richard Macrae, was given a ‘Ginger Discount Card’ by his friends 4 years ago as a gag birthday gift. Little did they know, Richard would go on to use the fake card and it would save him almost $300!

This KILLS me! I have a few ginger cousins who could really benefit from this. Shout out to them!

Richard said that it has worked in bars and restaurants mainly and even taxi drivers are giving him the ‘Ginger Discount’. Although the majority know this is a joke, most employees think it’s funny enough to actually give Richard a lower price simply in good fun. He says it has saved him over $300!

So…ultimately…the joke is on us. I never got a ‘Brunette Discount Card’ because no one cares about us or thinks we deserve any special sale. Same with blondes.

But good for redheads! You guys deserve the discount…hell you put on SPF 3000 all summer long to protect that beautiful fair skin, consider this your payment. 😉 -@KelOnAir



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