Style Files: Jennifer Hudson Goes #ShortHairDontCare on Style Files

By Courtney E. Smith

When asked about the three things that describe herself, Jennifer Hudson does not hesitate. “I’m a singer, but first I’m a mom,” she said. “And most importantly, I’m human.”

She’s making the rest of us humans look good, because she’s the kind of human who’s won an Oscar, a GRAMMY and a Golden Globe for her supreme talents. And with her new album, JHud, she reveals a new look.

“I was on the plane, like, ‘I wanna cut my hair,” Hudson says of her now-shorn locks. “I’m tired of the long hair with the bang in the middle and the part in the middle and the curls on the side. Ugh! I was like, ‘I need something new, let’s just cut off my hair.'”


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