Errbody trying to get that iOS8 but in order to do so we gotta delete a few things. You need at least 6.0 GB of storage. Who has that much space to give up?! Time to nuke some things!

E-LIST: Things To Delete From Your Phone

#7. Your Instagram photos… they are saved on your Instagram… I know it’s annoying to look them up but you can look at your dinner tonight. If you haven’t met the iCloud you two need to hang.

#6. Your workout apps… how often do you use those or work out?!

#5. All of your music.. then just download the app and you can stream us 🙂 Including that U2 album. Here let Fall Out Boy help you!

#4. Any pizza ordering app.. don’t be lazy just call the place you know the # by heart anyway! While we’re on the apps why not the million weather apps… how often do you really check the radar?!

#3. Your ex’s contact info. You don’t need to call them ever EVER again.

#2. Nudes from dudes… ( dude nudes) just send them to your email

#1. Nude selfies… girl you shouldn’t have taken those in the first place!
(Just save them on your laptop)

Or be like me and still hang out on the iOS6 and never get Tinder.

~ @ElistaB


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