WEBTASTIC: Homeless Guy Survives By Going Home With Women! (VIDEO)

I’m so grossed out. Mainly because of what an a*shole this guy is and how women fall for it– like a lot of women.


Meet Joe, he is 26 and is currently living on the streets of New York City. He became homeless after his mom found a bag of drugs in his drawer and kicked him out of her Boston home.

Ever since, Joe has been surviving by the generosity of the New Yorkers that put $1 in his cup every day and DUMB women who fall for his Rico Suave-esque pick-up lines.

YES! Women fall for his stupid lines and proceed to take him home to not only house a guy they don’t know is homeless but according to Joe’s story, he also gets the ‘nasty’. Joe says that he usually is at a girl’s house (could be one, could be multiple) often enough to get him off the street, on average, around four nights a week.

Ultimately, Joe steals from local drug stores in the area and uses the money he collects for drugs and alcohol. The only endearing thing about Joe was at the end of this video where he said his advice to others would be ‘don’t end up like me’.

I hope Joe finds his way soon and gets off the streets. He could be a functioning member of society if he would just quit the drugs & booze. Sending my best wishes his way! And an alert to all my girlfriend in NYC- STAY AWAY!

Would you bring Joe home if you didn’t know his situation? Tweet me @KelOnAir! – Kelly

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