By Kelly

How COOL is this! New phone case from ‘Prynt’ lets you instantly print pictures directly from your smartphone, think of it as a modernized Polaroid camera.

Yes, you heard me right. It will only take 30 seconds to put that perfect selfie/group shot into a tangible picture. I LOVE this idea and can’t believe no one has thought of it sooner.

Each little square that comes out of that case is 30 cents and the phone printer can hold 10 at a time which is not a bad price for what the kind of technology you will be holding– the actual price of the case itself will be around $99 when these guys get their KickStarter….started…sorry lack of words there.

This product is still in development and looking for investors but as you can see from the video is practically rushing it’s way into your hands.

I am a HUGE picture taker– my dog, my friends, my family, my coworkers, no one is safe– so needless to say, ‘Prynt’ just made my day, maybe even my life (I’m simple people, remember that). 😉 Would you invest in this groovy new tech accessory?-@KelOnAir


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