By Kelly

My fellow Harry Potter fans out there, you are going to LOVE this!

Per the school’s website, The College of Wizardry is a Harry Potter-inspired and volunteer- run school that is just about as similar to Hogwart’s as you can get outside the pages of a book.

The school is ‘hidden in the forests of Poland’. You don’t expect learning wizards to be off the interstate do you?! OF COURSE NOT!

C.O.W. has 5 houses (one more than the actual Hogwarts) and these serve as learning communities for the students that attend. THey also have 5 ‘study paths’ (essentially majors for those who aren’t familiar with the wonderful world of wizardry) that include things like curse breakers, healers, and aurors.

Each session lasts 3 days and costs $345 to complete. If you would like to ship yourself to Poland to become a wizard, book your ticket now! The next one starts in April.

I mean, where do I sign up?! SERIOUSLY! Penn State took me 4 years, cost thousands of dollars, and I left with NO magical skills– not even a wand! We all know the logical choice in this decision 😉 Would you ever attend the ‘College of Wizardry’?? -@KelOnAir


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