By Kelly

I like his take on this– sometimes the ‘like’ button isn’t the proper way to express the emotion you may be feeling.

I don’t ‘like’ the fact that you just lost your job or a family member. I don’t ‘like’ the fact that your dog is missing but I am very willing to help in the search. There is definitely a lack of appropriate ways to tell someone how you really feel away from commenting.

I also don’t encourage Zuckerberg to put the ‘dislike’ button up as the ONLY other option besides a ‘like’. Let’s face it– there is enough negativity on social media without having a super easy one-click way to show it.

What button would you add to Facebook? I would add a ‘TMI’ button to hopefully lessen the amount of over-sharing happening on my feed everyday. Your child used the potty and went #2 this time?! AWESOME! I’m proud of them however let’s keep those fun moments at home. Little Timmy won’t be pumped when he is 16 to see that you decided that should be public knowledge. 🙂 -@KelOnAir


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