By Shannon Carlin

For Ne-Yo, making his latest album, Non-Fiction, was a bit like standing in front of a large group of people totally naked.

The record, out Jan. 27, has Ne-Yo revealing parts of himself that many would want to keep locked away, including his own infidelities that eventually led to his broken engagement to fiancée Monyetta Shaw.

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“I touch on the imperfections that come with being a guy,” he says. “You know, the growing up that we’re all forced to do—or that we all should do, anyway. Some of us never do. But, I’m not that. I have grown from who I was.”

The act of undressing in public—even figuratively—is scary, but it was also very freeing for the singer, who admits he’d rather open up about his faults then read about them in the tabloids.

“I’ve always told people if you really want to get to know me…listen to the music, it’s all in the music,” he tells “All the truths are there, even the ones that are hard to tell sometimes.”

The stories on Ne-Yo’s sixth album are true, but not all are his own. He reached out to fans looking for inspiration, asking them to share their own personal tales of love and loss.

“[My music] is really just about finding the things that relate to us all,” he says in regards to the universal nature of his music. “We’ve all been through the ups, downs, lefts, rights of love. The majority of my music stays in those places because it will never go out of style.”



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