By Shannon Carlin

Scarlett Johansson’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig gave us an Avengers skit that finally put her in the spotlight, namely giving us that Black Widow movie we’ve all been waiting for. But it probably wasn’t what you expected,

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Instead of an action packed origin story about Natasha Romanoff, we get a romantic comedy that has Natasha looking for love in the big city. Because Marvel gets girls, obvi.

ScarJo stars as Black Widow as she heads to NYC to take a job at a fashion magazine, earning the cover with her super fashion sense and soon finding love in a meet-cute on the street.

Who’s the guy? Ultron, of course. But, of course, this is a love that isn’t meant to last. He does burn down the building where she works after all.

From the writers of 27 Dresses, this is Black Widow: Age of Me, where Thor gets to play her sassy best friend and Captain America lets her know that the one you really love knows what your favorite food is.

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The tagline really says it all though, “For Black Widow, falling in love can be hard, but it can be Incredible.”

Turns out the man of her dreams is large, green and knows she loves ice cream.

Watch the Black Widow movie trailer on


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