Sorry, No Iggy Azalea Tour!

Well we probably never really know the reason for this but Iggy Azalea has cancelled her first arena tour! The Iggy Azalea Great Escape tour will be rescheduled at some point during 2016 when she drops another album.

Refunds are available if you have purchased tickets, and of course she has made no comments about why she cancelled.  But she had already pushed the tour back 5 months anyway back in March.

My thought is she doing this because of the backlash she got because of her new plastic surgery she got done on her face because she was definitely looking different at The Billboard awards!  And hey there is nothing wrong with that if that what she wants to do but you have own up to it and expect backlash when the pubic sees you looking slightly different!

I mean she really cant win, first she quit twitter, the paparazzi got her in her bathing suit and joked her cellulite, and now she cancels her first big tour, I feel bad for her a lil bit.

Then I remember, sometimes you gotta put your big girl pants on and get over it! lol

One more year and she will be back to it!





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