By Courtney E. Smith

The new Jennifer Hudson video for “I Still Love You” is a master class in elevating a song way beyond its meaning with a strong music video treatment.

The story takes it out of the realm of an ode to disco love songs and instead puts it into a commentary on LGBT rights and the silliness of withholding love and approval from those who should be closest to you.

We open on a young man calling his father, asking him to attend his wedding and declaring that “despite everything, I still love you.” His world is shiny and fun-looking; he and his partner dance and sing in celebration in their hotel room. We quickly see shots of the guests at their wedding–they’re an interracial couple and the friends and family who show up are the whole spectrum of the colors of the rainbow.

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A dark cloud passes, however, when his partner’s father shows up and his own hasn’t even returned his phone call.

His father’s world, in contrast, is stark and lonely. In his vignette of scenes, he is always alone. Always grimacing. Right up until he pulls up in front of the W hotel and now we know, he’s chosen to show up for his son, just in time for the grooms to kiss.

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