Man its been so awesome to watch Rachel Platten become a Star! That’s what she is, a star but it wasn’t always that way for her!

Yesterday she opened up for Colbie Calliat and Christina Perri at Stage AE, and she has such a stage presence and energy that you can tell is going to launch her career even further than it already has!

Before she sang  “This is my Fight Song” she told the story of what happened to her and how it inspired her to write the song, and if you have ever listened to the lyrics of that song than you know that the jist of it is overcoming everyone’s disbelief of you and prove them all wrong!

She told a story about playing in bars where no one really was there paying attention to her and a lot of people told her she was never going to go anywhere and that she needed to do something else with her life, but instead of listening to all of the critics she said that she just kept believing in herself!

Which made me fall in love with her and This is my Fight Song even more! It made it Real, and I don’t know about you but I Love hearing Real stories of people overcoming real life obstacles and how they overcame and persevered!  So Fast Foward to now, where shes is touring all over the country, and Taylor Swift invited her on stage and rocks one of her shirts and  they text each other! #DreamsCometrue

If you missed her at the show yesterday, the next time she is in town make plans to go, you wont regret it I promise!



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