By Staff

Speaking with Extra, John Travolta divulged what may be Lady Gaga’s next acting role.

He describes a dinner party where both Gaga & Streisand were guests.

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“I called Barbra and said, Lady Gaga is next door on her ‘American Horror Story’… I met her, she’s lovely, I really think you should meet her, she’s a visionary like you.” So I set up a dinner, and Ryan Murphy came as well. And we just had a great time, exchanging ideas and feelings about life, and it went about six hours.”

The vehicle in question? Potentially a remake of the musical comedy Gypsy .

“Well, yeah, I mean Barbra’s wanting to do ‘Gypsy’ for years,” said Travolta “and she’s been developing it, and I think she always visualized Gaga as Louise and maybe me as Herbie.”

Mother Monster would no doubt make an excellent Louise, but we hope she finishes LG5 first.


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