By Elista

It’s crunch time for holiday shopping and you have no idea what to get “that person”! No worries. There is still time!

Maybe by now you’re looking to return something and get someone what they really wanted! Here you go…

“For the everyone in your life check out these gift guides

For the person who loses everything

Meet their new best friend “Tile” this sweet little square and app is a life saver!

tile app 2

tile app 3tile app 4

I lost my wallet over Thanksgiving Eve and after that I had to look into Tile. Trust me it will change your life. The best part about it is if you lose your phone and have your tile, you simply press the tile and your phone rings! Never lose anything again! Put Tile on everything! You wallet, cards, purse, keys, bike, dog, you want this awesome time saver! St. Anthony thanks you.

For the person obsessed with selfies/ photography

A fish lens. These guys take your pictures to a new interesting looking level!

fish lense 2

fish lense 1

They come in cool colors, and what’s cooler, is that this just so happens to be on the Pentatonix wish list and we found it for them!

fish lense 1

For the phone obsessed/ techie/ person who helps all of the family with their electronics

This lightning cable bracelet available at Five Below! Yes it’s only $5 and I bought a bunch of them already this year! Stylish and will save you if you have a USB port/ charger.

bracelet The Perfect Gift #EList

charger bracelet 2

If they already don’t have any of these cool gadgets under $50!

For the lazy people in your life

This Wemo Switch will switch your life forever too. You can turn anything you have plugged into it on and off from your phone. No more fighting about who turned lights off! NEED!

Did you know the clapper still exist? Me neither. Buy it here!

For the wine lover”

This wine glass holder necklace! I bought one up in Wine Country for $5. WORTH IT! They might forget where their glass is but that’s just because it’s under their neck! 😉

wino listy

Never lose your wine glass again!

FYI If you do ever end up going to Lake Erie Wine Country come ready to drink with a designated driver/ limo/ extra cash moneeey!

We didn’t buy a lot of wine or anything…

wino listy 2

Last year my bf got me this wine glass that never spills! It’s “Super duper” awesome.

“For the beer drinker”

This homemade beer kit available “In The Kitchen” in the Strip is perfect for the Dad/ hipster in your life. You might need a case to drink while you’re making it but we got it for my Dad so I’m hoping he likes it 🙂

Craft A Brew kits even come gluten-free!

For the Kiddos

This year’s hot item is the game called “Pie in the face” Just get them a soft silicone pie dish and some whipped cream! Works just as great 😉 If all else fails… anything with a box! You know that’s what they’ll play with anyway.

Still need ideas? Tweet them to us @Starpittsburgh & @ElistaB and check out these solid suggestions!


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