Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum are ‘Movin’ On Up’ in Super Bowl Ad

By Hayden Wright

The upcoming Super Bowl ad starts out simply enough: actor Jeff Goldblum, at a piano, singing the the theme song from classic TV’s The Jeffersons. As he and his piano “move on up” with the help of a crane, Goldblum gawks and comments on the happy families moving into an apartment building.

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He pauses his song to say, “Wait a minute—Is that George and Weezy?” a reference to George and Louise Jefferson, the central characters of the iconic show. Because the reference is probably lost on younger viewers, the camera cuts to reveal George Washington and Lil Wayne in the penthouse together.

“Who else would it be?” Weezy responds, and Goldblum resumes his song with gospel choir in tow.

Watch the clever cross-generational promotion above.


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