By Hayden Wright

Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors were losing a tight game against the Chicago Bulls last night—the score, 106-103. With seconds left in the game, cameras caught the rapper leaning in and whispering to the Bulls’ Justin Holiday as he inbounded the ball. Holiday incurred a penalty for failing to inbound in less than five seconds, a perfectly reasonable mistake when the world’s greatest rapper is yapping your ear off.

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We may never know what really happened—was Drake taunting Holiday? Was he throwing up a celebrity smokescreen to distract gameplay? Was he whispering not to Holiday, but to himself, spitballing lyrics for a new single? Whatever the truth, Sports Illustrated journalist tweeted “Drake double-teams Bulls’ inbounds pass to force 5-second violation” with a clip of the moment in question. Ultimately, Drake’s team lost.

Decide for yourself but one thing is for certain: Sitting courtside has its advantages.


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