By Amanda Wicks

Adam Lambert has been one of several musicians to speak out about the Orlando mass shooting on June 12, but unlike many, his comments drew criticism. Today (June 14) Lambert clarified what he meant on Twitter.

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Lambert tweeted an updated statement. “The horrible tragedy in Orlando is BOTH a terrorism AND gun control issue. It is also a horrendous hate crime,” he wrote to his followers. Lambert went on to say that he was dismayed seeing so many on Twitter try to categorize it into one neat little box. “This is not just an LGBTQ issue,” he added. “This is a HUMAN issue.”

The criticism he received had to do with not originally including “just” in his sentence about the LGBTQ community. Lambert originally wrote, “This is not an LGBTQ issue. This is a HUMAN issue,” which provoked a sharp response as the mass shooting took place at a gay nightclub. Lambert deleted that tweet and updated accordingly, Digital Spy reported.


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