Huge shout out to Pierre Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan, for talking to me today. Aside from being really easy on the eyes, he is just the nicest guy around.

Simple Plan has been a band for the past 14 years. Four out of the five guys went to high school together and have remained friends through the ups and downs of the industry and their career and it’s easy to see why such great friendships were formed with this group.

As you know Magic! will be joining Simple Plan at Acoustic Sunday Funday and a little known fact is that Pierre and Nasri (lead singer of Magic!) have co-wrote a few songs together. So we have planned quite the reunion for the guys!

I obviously had to start the conversation with a little Pens talk, Pierre is a French-Canadian (fluent in French *swoon*) so I asked him if he was a hockey fan.

“Yeah, it’s part of the constitution. We don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, we pledge allegiance to the NHL.”

As a fan, he was well aware that he’s coming to the city that has bred the world champions of Hockey. “What a great series. I’m very happy for the team and you guys had great players this year and totally dominated that series, so I think it’s well deserved.”

On top of being a hockey fan, he’s also a huge supporter of our city in general.

“We have been to Pittsburgh many times. We love it there. Our fan base is awesome and loyal. We’re super excited.”

You heard it, fellow ‘burghers! Come out and see some AMAZING talent this Sunday at STAGE AE for our Acoustic Sunday Funday!

Grab your tickets HERE.

100.7 Star Acoustic Sunday Funday is presented by UPMC and features Ingrid Michaelson, MAGIC! and Simple Plan. Click here for complete details.
Acoustic Sunday Sunday 2016


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