By Amanda Wicks

Calvin Harris apparently chose a very public way to discuss his relationship with Taylor Swift. The DJ went on Instagram last night (June 22) and began responding to fans about his relationship with the pop star. But, like Tom Hiddleston’s Belgium radio “interview” about his budding relationship with the pop star, we cry foul. And a source close to Harris does too.

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Out of the blue, Harris began responding to different comments and questions his followers left on his Instagram account. One Instagram user grabbed screenshots of all the responses Harris gave because he later deleted everything he wrote.

At one point a follower asked why he was bothering to respond in the first place and Harris wrote back, “because I’m interested in how their minds work at this point,” referring to Swift’s rabid and loyal fans. Elsewhere, Harris said he felt amazing and free. He also stated about their breakup and the way it was handled, “[Swift] controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on.”

A source close to Harris told Entertainment Weekly that he wasn’t the person behind the Instagram comments. He did, however, Snapchat a video saying he felt “sexy and free.”

Take a look at some of his possibly fake responses below.

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