A Hiddleston family source told People that Swift "was almost immediately part of the family."

By Hayden Wright

If you said “Hiddleswift,” in mixed company just a few short weeks ago, a friend might interject “gesundheit.” As of June 29, that portmanteau (combining of two words to make a new one) is gaining speed to define the public, romantic, and widely photographed union of English actor Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift—she’s even met his mom. A “Hiddleston family insider” said Hiddleswift’s recent jaunt across the pond went swimmingly. Hiddle-swimmingly, according to People.

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“Tom’s mom is just gushing about Taylor,” the unnamed source claims. “She thinks Taylor is the loveliest. She was so happy to meet her.”

The person added that Swift was “almost immediately part of the family,” confirming that our most ubiquitous new celebrity couple is evolving apace. Meanwhile, Swift’s recent ex Calvin Harris entangled himself in a small, vehicular bust-up with photographers demanding insight into the last few weeks of tabloid speculation. We have to admit, Calvin, this is a head-scratching time for us, too.

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