By Robyn Collins

Adele kicked off her much-anticipated US tour to a sold out crowd at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota yesterday (June 4).

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The British superstar started the show appropriately, with “Hello,” according to Billboard, and the set featured a mix of songs from her first album 19, and her current album, 25. During the show, she talked to the audience about everything from her first Fourth of July celebration to her tendency to swear onstage. After a crowd-pleasing performance, she closed her main set with, “Set Fire to the Rain,” as water dropped from above and she disappeared into the stage.

Before the encore, the video for Prince’s 1994 hit “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World” projected on the video screen. After When Adele returned to the stage, she admitted that she didn’t feel worthy to offer a full tribute to the late genius. “I did maybe consider covering a song, but f— it, it’s Prince.”

The show closed with a climactic “Rolling in the Deep” as confetti cannons fired into the air and  bits of paper inscribed with lyrics from the song fluttered across the crowd.

Watch Adele perform “Rumour Has It”:

Check out her witty banter with the crowd:

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