By Robyn Collins

John Legend, Chuck D and other music celebrities have commented about the multiple slaying of police officers last night (July 7) in Dallas. During a rally to protest the fatal shooting Wednesday of Philando Castile, four snipers reportedly shot 12 police officers, killing five. Two bystanders were also wounded. Three men were taken into custody and a fourth was killed by police using a robot armed with a bomb.

“These Dallas shootings are horrific,” tweeted Legend. “Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe.”

Castile was killed by a police office who pulled over his car. Castile’s girlfriend filmed the aftermath of the shooting and posted the video on Facebook  Live. A day earlier, a phone captured video of Alton Sterling being shot in Louisiana by two police officers. The Dallas protest is one of a nationwide string of protests in response to the shootings.

Legend and other celebrities continue to voice their concerns.

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