By Robyn Collins

Sia and Pusha T teamed up for a remix of “Unstoppable,” which is being used in a video to promote the 2016 Olympics. The made-for-Rio remix is by producer Ariel Rechtshaid and features a verse from Pusha T and percussion from Afro-Brazilian marching band Olodum.

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The project is part of Gillette’s “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” Summer Olympics campaign. Rechtshaid said he picked chords to fit the visuals of the ad, and adjusted them to match the key of the Sia song.

“I’ve been a fan of [Olodum] ever since I was listening to my parents’ Paul Simon records,” the producer told Billboard. “Sia, who’s a friend of mine, and then Pusha T came in towards the end because the song felt like it could use his edge and a verse on it.”

“People get to see the end results a lot and they think it was a beautiful ride,” said Pusha T in a behind the scenes clip. “They don’t even think about the steps it took to get to that final place.”

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