By Amanda Wicks

Prophets of Rage aren’t the only band gathering in Cleveland to protest the Republican National Convention. Although Third Eye Blind wasn’t in town to directly oppose the GOP and their recent nomination of Donald Trump, they did use their charity show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Benefit last night (July 19) to speak their minds.

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The band refused to play many of their big hits, like “Semi-Charmed Life.” Instead, they played “Non-Dairy Creamer,” which features the refrain “young gay republicans / young gay republicans” (via SPIN). The band did play one hit, “Jumper,” which was inspired by a gay friend’s suicide. Before they began the song, singer Stephan Jenkins spoke about the importance of LGBT rights. He also asked the crowd to raise their hands if they believed in science.

The crowd, which included people attending the convention, responded with jeers. “You can boo all you want, but I’m the motherf—ing artist up here,” Jenkins retorted.

Bands, festivals and more began tweeting Third Eye Blind after word got around about how they’d handled their performance. Riot Fest, The Mountain Goats and others all applauded the band for speaking up.

At least one concertgoer was pretty upset. After all, he didn’t get to hear “Semi-Charmed Life.” What a shame.

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