It's midnight in Paris for "Goodnight Gotham."

By Hayden Wright

On Anti, Rihanna wasn’t too bothered about song length. “Same Ol’ Mistakes” (her Tame Impala cover) clocks in around 7 minutes with huge synth production and interludes for days. Other tracks, like “Higher” and “Yeah, I Said It” are leaner beasts with just about two minutes of sound. One of those mini-tracks, “Goodnight Gotham,” now has a brief, powerful music video.

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The clip starts with Rihanna fixing her makeup in the back of a luxury SUV, counting down with members of her team. “One minute?’ she asks. A title card reads: “Left my ANTI photoshoot to meet my fans at Trocadero Square.” Yup, we’re in Paris, not Gotham.

As the vehicle pulls up to the Eiffel Tower, Rihanna exits and begins a sprint toward a hoard of fans waiting under the moonlight. She throws off an overcoat and leaps at some over-the-moon members of the Rihanna Navy, who hoist her into the air. In the chaotic crowd-surfing scene, Rihanna is mobbed by fans with iPhones extended, in thorough disbelief that their #1 is sharing such an intimate moment with them.

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