By Elista

When I first heard this story on Bubba Show this morning, I instantly thought, “How could someone be mad over an extra piece of cheese? I’d be so PUMPED if my man made me a grilled cheese, let alone with three pieces! Now if I came home and found out my man made a grilled cheese and DIDN’T make me one too, we might have some issues. Especially if he made me one and then ate it.”

This guy got so upset at his wife because she put an extra piece of cheese on his grilled cheese. First of all, how does he know how many pieces are on there? Second, it’s grilled cheese…it’s delicious, third, EAT IT!

Not in front of the kids!

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t eat grilled cheese! This is just insane.

BTW I would stick to two pieces. It’s the perfect amount.Preferably cheddar jack and gouda cheese slices.


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