By Kelly

So, as you know, the only thing on social media these days are bad things- political rants, relationship rants, news articles that are enough to ruin your day SO I am going to make a your news feed a little more joyful.

And we are going to start with a puppy loving on a popsicle the same way I imagine I would on Justin Timberlake if we ever (get married) meet someday.

P.S. This cute little vid was taken at a DOG CAFE- I repeat- A DOG CAFE- that is a real thing in New Delhi, India. Why is it not in the United States? Great question. If someone like to fund such an idea, I am totally on board. I’d like to be the Recruitment Manager so my day will be filled with puppies and smiles.

Enjoy and I hope it makes you smile, or at least reminds you for a second that social media can provide good feelings, not all bad.



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