By Kelly

Well, this isn’t good.

Let me preface this with the fact that this does NOT mean that EVERY SINGLE TEACHER TO EVER EXIST HAS OR WILL CHEAT ON THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

Ok, now that we’re past the potential argument that I am generalizing…let’s move on… performed a survey and found that 27% of teachers have gotten frisky with a coworker. If you think of the amount of educators who were included in this anonymous study, THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE. Way too many. But 1% would have been a tough pill for me to swallow so there’s that.

But not only teachers are called out- don’t you worry about that- not far behind as the biggest cheaters are: lawyers, pilots, journalists, and doctors.

This doesn’t make me feel the best mostly because those occupations are some of the most important out there. These people have lives and minds in the palms of their hands at any given moment.

If you are a teacher not cheating, thank you for what you do everyday- the world is a better place because you are in it. If you are a teacher that IS cheating, get it together. Work isn’t the place for infidelity. The end.



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